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BRUSH Modern Dentistry
Dr. Nirmal Bhakta

Which teeth whitening products do you recommend?

At BRUSH Modern Dentistry, I offer a few different options for whitening your teeth, depending on your needs.

In-Office Whitening

The KöR whitening system is one of the in-office treatments that I offer. I chose to work with KöR because of its reliable track record of achieving proven results. Especially for patients who have had little to no success with teeth whitening in the past. KöR combines both in-office and take-home treatments to deliver exceptional results that also tend to last longer than other whitening systems. Even patients who have lived for years with staining from fluorosis or tetracycline can and do achieve the bright white smile they've always wanted with KöR.

Take-Home Whitening

We also offer take-home whitening systems that allow patients the flexibility to whiten their teeth based on their unique schedule in the comfort of their home. My team will create custom trays for you, which ensures better results and protection for your gums and soft tissues. In about two weeks, you should achieve your desired results with a take-home whitening system. Better yet, you can update your smile anytime with custom take-home whitening trays. So you never have to worry about your smile being ready for the next big event!

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