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Very optimistic and honest

Dr. Bhakta is very committed to the wellbeing of my teeth. He is tenacious and encouraging. He's the first dentist to help me create a treatment plan the sounded like "this can improve" after we do some work and tweaks. Very optimistic and honest. I really like him and his work ethic. Not something I've said about a dentist in a LONG time. I highly recommend him and the gracious staff at his practice.

Blythe T.

I've been coming to this location since they opened

I've been coming to this location since they opened. In the past I had some hesitation dealing with the dentist. I went today for my cleaning and was very impressed. Dr. Bhakta is so friendly and professional. I really felt like he spent time to review my history and came in prepared to answer all my questions. He also had a little extra time and was chatting with my 5 year old while they were finishing my cleaning. It was a great experience for us both and I am looking forward to going back in the fall.

Joy. D

He is very relaxed and professional

Love this place. Super advanced technology and the staff is chill and knows when to chat you up and when not to. The TVs on the ceiling are amazing. Dr. Nirmal Bhakta is the real deal. He is very relaxed and professional. He did a wonderful job on my teeth.

Charlie K.

This was one of the best dentist appointments I've ever had!

I have moved every year for 10 years and have switched dentists a lot I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of dentistry. I can say, pretty positively: this was one of the best dentist appointments I've ever had!

I had zero wait at 8 am. I filled out my paperwork and maybe 30 seconds later got taken back to meet Dr. Bhakta first, which was somewhat of a shock. He made me feel at ease immediately and listened to any concerns that I had. Next, I had photos and xrays done in under 10 minutes. Dr. Bhakta thoroughly checked my mouth, and pointed out one relatively small cavity that I had. He explained everything in detail, and offered to do a filling then and there on it. I said yes, and also opted to do the fluoride treatment. I was out of the office by 9:15.

Zero pain, very quick, and very affordable. I'm so relieved to have found a dentist that can do the job without hurting me or without making me upset (don't get me started on the time I was told I needed $3k worth of dental work!). Highly, highly recommended! My whole family is next.

Alan K.

Dr. B is simply amazing!

I had a great experience with Dr. B at his dental office. I had a root canal done here & I have extremely horrible dental anxiety, but they did a really good job of making me feel safe, including telling me everything they did before they did it. Going to this place helped me get past my anxiety & I felt better & better each time. The root canal itself was minimally painful & healed up very quickly! Dr. B is simply amazing! I finally feel like I have found someone that I trust.

Kayla W.

I now have pain free teeth

Unbelievably great service and “bed side” manner. I was scared to see the dentist after a bad experience and had not been for over 16 years. Dr. B has been one of the best doctors that I have came across. I have since been back several times and brought my entire family here. I now have pain free teeth and know I have a dentist I can trust!

Chad S.

Dr. B and his friendly staff helped to ease all my anxieties

You won't find a better dental practice in all of the DFW area. Dr. B and his friendly staff helped to ease all my anxieties and made for a very pleasant experience. I highly recommend Dr. B to anyone.

Brandon H.

I felt very comfortable and well-cared for by him

It was my first visit today, and it was such a great experience, from the friendly front staff to Dr. B and his assistant! I felt very comfortable and well-cared for by him, without any pressure to engage in any procedures. They clearly use the latest and best technologies for the best patient care. The facilities are clean and pretty, with televisions to help distract from the work. I am so glad I found Dr. B.

Judith S.

An extremely personable and caring dentist

I stopped going to any dentist several years ago. They seem to find something that would cost a couple thousand. I was at the point of never going to the dentist again. This time, I had an emergency today and had to go, and was dreading every aspect of it. When I called the office, a very helpful, professional, and nice woman was able to get me in on the same day. She was just as nice when I got there. I then saw the dental hygienist. She was awesome! I knew she had other patients but she just makes you feel like you're a VIP. I could tell she really knew what she was doing and she enjoyed it. The last person was Dr. Bhakta, and he was awesome! An extremely personable and caring dentist! I didn't sit there and hear a sales pitch. He made sure I wasn't in any pain, and explained everything to me in detail.

I was even impressed by my bill. I was expecting to pay so much more because I remember the bills I got from other dental offices. I never felt like he was trying to make money. If you really dread and hate going to the dentist, you got to try Dr. Bhakta. They made sure I had the best experience I ever had at a dental office! Thank you so much, Dr. Bhakta!

Jay W.

Thank you for making me feel like a person that mattered

"I have extreme anxiety when it comes to going to the dentist! I have passed out twice before at the dentist, once just sitting in the waiting room. I typically walk in and automatically feel nauseous, but not today! I thought I had broken a tooth and Dr. Bhakta was suggested by a friend. Wow! I have to say I was very blessed by the whole staff today!

Your patience, understanding, gentle nature, overall care and concern for me was above and beyond any I've ever experienced at a dentist office. Even when I cried (thank you Scarlett for dabbing my tears), even when my husband and I needed time to discuss our treatment plan and budget, even when I kept the two of you there late. Each of you made a typically stressful time for me so much easier! Thank you for making me feel like a person that mattered, instead of just another patient!"

Kelli F.

You’ll feel right at home with Dr. B

"Everyone here is amazing! You feel very welcomed as soon as you come in. I got a full explanation of what I was getting done, why I was getting it done. I also knew exactly what my insurance would cover and what I would pay at the end of the visit. I always hated going to dentists that made me feel I was being sold on a bunch of stuff that wasn’t necessary. I did not feel this way with Dr. Bhakta.

The doctor will suggest what would be best for you after examining your teeth and how it could benefit you, but they take the time to explain everything in detail to you, and make it clear as to what they recommend. Schedule an appointment and take control of your oral hygiene now! You’ll feel so much better once you do and most importantly, you’ll feel right at home with Dr. B."

Kinsey B.

All the staff are friendly and considerate

"This independently-owned dental office is by far the best one around! All the staff are friendly and considerate, making the sometimes an unpleasant dentistry experience a more pleasant one. Once you arrive you feel that you are entering more of a boutique salon for treatment VS an unpleasant doctor’s office.

I have had multiple opportunities to weigh in my opinion, from little things such as check ups and cleanings, to bigger things such as crowns and even root canals. All the work that was completed by Dr. Bhakta has been top notch. I live in Dallas, so driving an extra 20 plus miles is something I don't take lightly. Simply stated, he is worth it. And I plan to continue coming the extra distance in the future."

Terrance H.

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